Moment of Discovery

In the four hundred years since its formal inception, science has revealed the most extraordinary insights into our universe. But each of these insights first occurred to a single human being: the discoverer, the woman or man who beheld that new view of creation before all others.

This book is an exploration of these moments, how they arrived in the minds of their discoverers, and how their revelations changed our world. 

Coming 2016



The History of the World According to Facebook


In the fall of 2010 I wrote a humor piece for the website Cool Material in which historical figures and events played out on Facebook news feed. It went a little viral, the publisher HarperCollins called, and a few months later this book was born. 

It's most at home on the back of your toilet, but it also excels as an emergency re-gift for a co-worker's housewarming. There are even translated versions for Finnish and German co-workers!

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